"Losada's lead guitar sends chills down my spine. It shows he knows what notes to play and even more importantly which to leave out."

-Huffington Post 


"Losada's guitar playing is as energetic and as enthusiastic as it gets, and his interpretations are nothing short of heartfelt. The foundations on Energy sets himself firmly in the lineage of blues rock's most individual guitarists."

-The Big Take-Over

"Saul Losada unleashes explosive new album, Energy to the delight of Blues Rock Fans. The amazing instrumental guitarist has released a heartbreaker of a record that any fan of great blues rock will love."

-East Coast Rocker

"Anyone who loves classic rock and blues but is looking for something new and refreshing will find comfort with the sounds of Energy. His unique and refreshing guitar chops with sounds that expand the boundaries of rock, blues, R&B and jazz."

-Middle Tennessee Music

"Exploring bluesy rock genre while ripping out his exquisite guitar playing along with fine song arrangements; fast paced and thrilling guitar solos."

-Rock Expert 


"It takes some guts to challange the likes of Hendrix, Beck, Berry and King but Losada does hold his own. Losada's mastery of the styles of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck."

-Rock & Roll Rehab

"Featuring his trademark licks on electric guitar, Losada evokes a multitude of emotions throughout the eight compositions present on the record, from the evocative seduction of opener “Morning Light” on through the aptly-titled blazer “Fasten Your Seatbelt.” 

-For Folk's Sake

"Losada strings together fewer notes that sound like a singer wringing each note for all their emotional worth."